A Complete Condom Guide For Proper Use Of Condoms

A Complete Condom Guide For Proper Use Of Condoms

Condoms are an important means to protect from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They are one of the cheapest and most efficient contraceptive tools existing. However, there are many people who are not aware of the many advantages of condoms.  Many people have a misconception that condoms reduce comfort and pleasure during sex and are not exactly needed if the partner is using another form of birth control. Before becoming sexually active and using condoms it is significant to understand the proper use of condoms and how they give protection in sexual situations.

Different types of condoms

Condoms are the contraceptive tools that come in different shapes and sizes to fulfill the needs of people and encompass different kinds of sexual encounters.  These types comprise of very thin, extra-large, ridged, dotted, and flavored condoms. There are two types of condoms – male and female condoms.

Male condoms are the most common types of condoms found. They are made of a thin sheath made of latex and they are worn by men to create a barrier and prevent the transmission of sperm.  They come in various sizes to fit and accommodate every person’s needs. Condoms also come in the textured form to intensify sexual pleasure during intercourse.  They are usually sold at departmental stores as well as pharmacies. The packaging of condoms generally has an instruction guide on how to properly use the condom so that there are no errors that could lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

condom guide

Condoms are highly effective when used properly. People have to carefully follow the guide on how to use the condom.

How to put on a condom?

Here is a condom guide and the simple directions to use a condom-

  • Rip open the condom foil and carefully remove the condom from the wrapping.
  • Check the condom so see if it is broken, torn or if there are any holes or tears.
  • Squeeze the crest of the condom to create some room at the very tip
  • Put the loop of the condom over the tip of the penis and roll up all the way until the whole shaft is enclosed
  • If the condom is not tightly in position or has split during the placement procedure, chuck the condom away and begin again with a new one.
  • change condoms amid each sexual act
  • After sex, condoms must be removed immediately and disposed of carefully.

How effective are condoms?

Condoms are exceptionally effective, almost 98% if used properly. It is imperative to see that correct use is the major part of infection and pregnancy avoidance. A condom if used incorrectly can to a great extent increase risks. Users are suggested to be attentive while using condoms and removing condoms. Old condoms or the ones that are stored in a wallet or exposed to heat can be frail and more prone to rupture.

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