Prague erotic massage – is this your first time getting one? What is the offer, incall vs outcall and other helpful tips

Prague erotic massage – is this your first time getting one? What is the offer, incall vs outcall and other helpful tips

For most of the tourists and even locals in Prague, erotic massage is something which will probably evade them. A shame, really, since even though Prague has countless landmarks worth seeing, there are some really superb sensual rubdown parlours dotted all over the city, where even the most demanding of pleasure seekers are guaranteed to get their due. If you’re considering trying this experience yourself, then we have some tips that might come in handy for you.

Your Prague erotic massage can take on many shapes – choose your pleasure

It’s always good to point out that what we call an erotic massage is actually a very diverse field, with the “happy ending” often being the only thing some of these rubdowns have in common. So if you’re thinking of getting an “erotic massage”, our question would be – which one? Every parlour may have a different offer, but one could nevertheless approximate a “core” which most of them will have in common. The rubdowns which you’ll encounter most often would be:

  •   Nuru – also known as the “body to body” or “slippery” massage. This rubdown of Japanese origins is perhaps the closest you can get to an actual sex without directly engaging in it.
  •   Tantra – an increasingly popular therapy. Tantra combines spirituality and physiotherapy in a unique synthesis that can grant you an unforgettable experience
  •   Classic. A western-style physiotherapy as you probably know it, but with a happy ending to top it all off!
  •   Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian-type therapy, consisting of the expert work of hands, arms, elbows, wrists. Also known as “gentle hands”.

You can choose to undergo your rubdown either directly at the parlour, or go for an escort

Virtually every parlour of this type in Prague will offer an escort service for those who are short on time, wish to be as discrete as possible, or have any other reason not to undergo their rubdown directly at the parlour. One could order an escort to one’s own home, hotel room, private office or any other place offering enough privacy and featuring a working shower and hygiene facilities.

Typically, Prague parlours offer the escort option within the city limits, with the odd parlour providing an escort service even beyond it.

Otherwise, most people go directly to the parlour itself. It might even prove to be a more intensive experience, since these facilities have their own, mysterious, suggestive atmosphere that is hard to replicate outside of them.

The booking is really straightforward and is done by a phone, email or an online chat. You will most likely have to provide a name and some personal information, but don’t worry – these records will be discarded after some time, in compliance with personal data protection, which is being taken very seriously in the European Union.

Don’t ask for more than you will get

The fact that your massage is erotic does not mean that you should expect more than a happy ending delivered via hand stimulation. Asking for or insisting on more might get you thrown out by security. Remember, you’re not at a brothel!

Tipping is welcome, as is paying in cash

Some people tend to ask whether to tip or not to tip in this context, and the answer is most definitely yes, if you feel you’ve had a good time. The proper amount tend to be something between the 10-20% of the basic price. Another important thing to keep in mind is to bring cash – some salons may not be able or even willing to process your card. In this context, cash is most definitely king!

By now, you should have a clearer picture about what to expect before getting your first erotic massage. So, are you ready to give it a go?

What do you think about the erotic massage phenomenon? Would you try this while in Prague? And which of these procedures caught your interest the most? Leave a comment below!

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